Gambia: Magistrate Revokes Alleged Drug Suspect’s Bail

At the Bundung Magistrate’s Court yesterday, Magistrate Pa Modou Njie revoked the bail of one Lamin Demba, a man facing drug charges after his continuous absence in court without genuine reason.

Mr. Darboe is charged with being found in possession of 220grams of cannabis sativa on 28th August, 2016.

When the case was called, the prosecuting officer applied for Mr. Demba’s bail to be revoked, saying he have been absent from attending court sittings.

Mr. Demba however told the court that he was on a block molding contract at Tanji for a fence they were building, saying that was the reason for his absence. He said whenever the prosecutor calls his mother to inform him to come to court, his mum would inform him about it but he was planning on coming to court only last yesterday.

The matter is adjourned to 19th June for hearing.


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